Plumbing Strategies Incorporated, of Kailua Kona, was founded in 2006 by Alex Austin and Tony Welsh. They have been friends for nearly 30 years and are experts in their respective areas of plumbing. Alex is the head of construction operations and Tony spearheads the service division. They also work together on many projects. P.S.I. is a proud member of the Kona Kohala Chamber of Commerce, the Kona Executives Association, NARPM and IAPMO.




After visiting the Big Island several times, it became apparent to Alex and I that there was a demand for dependable, knowledgeable plumbers in Kona, Hawaii. Many of our friends would put us to work when we were in Kona on vacation. The economy was booming at that time, and quality help at reasonable prices was hard to find.


Then it hit us! We would escape the rain of the Pacific Northwest and build a business in Kona, from the ground up! It would be easy; just return phone calls and show up when you say you will. Of course, as soon as we started in business, the economy went into the toilet! But amazingly, we persevered. We stuck with our business plan, went out on foot and delivered fliers, met with local business owners and worked the hours and jobs that other plumbers wouldn’t.


Finally it started to happen. Through word of mouth (the coconut wireless as its known in Hawaii) the phone began to ring. In fact it began to get a little overwhelming. We were installing fixtures and unclogging drains, but also changing light bulbs, replacing smoke alarm batteries and even removing renegade geckos from kitchen pantries (no kidding).


Now an established business, we have purchased equipment and increased staff so we can serve more people, faster and better. Our business in Kona has become very successful but we have not changed our original business plan at all. We still work the hours and do the jobs that other plumbers don’t want, and with fewer plumbers, we are always busy. Of course we’re never too busy to provide excellent service to new customers and friends. And evil geckos beware; we know where you live!


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