DRAIN CLEANING: Sinks, toilets, tub & showers, stand pipes, sewer, etc.


FIXTURE REPLACEMENT: Sinks, toilets, bidets, faucets, hose bibs, water heaters, disposals, valves and others.




PLUMBING INSPECTION: A complete inspection of your home or condo with suggestions to limit future potential problems before they arise.


The most important part of our business may well be the service department. Unfortunately, plumbing disasters are a part of life. It really helps if you have a plumber you know and can trust. Many of our clients are located on the mainland, and we are their eyes and ears when problems arise. We take digital photographs of the situation and e-mail them immediately. In the case of condominium properties, the problem may be in a shared drain or water line. If so, we will work to stop the problem immediately to mitigate any further damage. We will then notify you and the on-site manager or the management company that you may not be responsible for charges. We then make suggestions for a repair, and bill the responsible party or parties.


A common practice in Hawaii, is the use of “handymen” to make minor repairs (sometimes major) to plumbing fixtures or systems. They are sometimes cheaper than a licensed plumber, but the risk you take is enormous. They are cheaper due to low overhead costs, but there is usually no insurance and no contractors resolution fund should you have issues with the work. We only send a Hawaii licensed journeyman plumber to your job, and we have well in excess of the required amount of liability coverage. This is extremely important should you have any kind of water damage due to poor workmanship. We know of a condo that suffered over $125,000 worth of damage from an improperly installed toilet bowl. Weeks later the ceiling fell into the kitchen and took out all of the cabinets as well. We would have charged $150.00 to install the toilet. Their handyman charged $75.00. They saved $75.00 but were unable to contact the handyman and the insurance company denied the claim due to faulty workmanship.


There is a reason that plumbers in Hawaii are required to obtain licenses. As my dad used to say, ”A good job ain’t cheap, and a cheap job ain’t good.” Our service area is currently from North Kohala to South Kona. We occasionally make exceptions for jobs more than 6 hours.


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