Hydro Jetting (a.k.a Hydro Scrubbing) is a process in which your sewer pipes are scoured by streams of high-pressure water shooting out of a hose at up to 3,500 psi. These high-pressure streams are strong enough to cut through and clear out any debris in your sewer lines.


Every plumbing system is designed to carry waste water “downstream” using gravity. The Hydro Jetting nozzle is placed at the “downstream” end of the plumbing system and it works its way “upstream” against gravity. That way, any debris that is cleared out by the Hydro Jetter will harmlessly flow downstream where the drainage path is already clear. The Hydro Jetters used by PSI are capable of clearing out sewer lines over a length of several hundred feet.




There is no need to guess what is causing your drainage problems. Sure, anyone can blindly run a snake and hope that it fixes the problem, but the better and smarter way is to use video scoping equipment with color camera and DVD recording. Video scoping inspections are key in determining the source of any stoppage.


We recommend and request that you be there with us while we locate and view your sewer line so you can see for yourself the condition of your sewer pipe. All our technicians are trained to be able to identify roots, breaks and offsets that are all common causes of stoppages on sewer lines. Identifying these issues will be key to our recommendations for repair or replacement.




Finding buried utility lines need not be expensive or disruptive. It is no longer necessary to “dig up the back yard” to find where the water and sewer lines are buried on your property.


With our equipment we can determine the location and depth of a variety of utility lines including metallic water, sewer and gas lines and show your contractor where to dig, and where not to dig.








Cess pool & septic tank locating.


Gas, medical and chemical piping including dual containment.


As built permits and preventive plumbing inspections.


ADA fixture conversions.




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