We do all kinds of remodeling, specializing in condominium projects. Condos present a unique set of challenges, such as shared utilities and common areas, not present in the remodeling of free standing residences. It is important to know how to coordinate with the management and residents, to ensure that the inconvenience to others is as limited as possible. Fortunately we have a good working relationship with most COA’s and building managers here in Kona and are familiar with most of the local condo project plumbing systems.


PSI is a strong believer in preventative plumbing. If your remodel involves the opening of walls to move or install plumbing, we suggest you replace any pipes over 20 years old that are exposed at that time. This is Hawaii and the life expectancy for any type of metal piping is not what it is on the mainland. There is nothing worse than having to open walls, remove cabinets and counter tops shortly after your remodel has been completed. Unfortunately, we have seen this too many times here.


Give us a call. We come to you and provide lots of good advice and even a no obligation estimate on the work.


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